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2340 Business Strategies is a marketing and consulting firm located in Los Angeles California. We specialize in bringing start-up business to life and helping turn-arounds realize a new life. As a full-service business consulting firm, we offer in-house technology because we believe technology is a key to the success every company. Our niche is applying our vast understanding of different industries and applying this breadth of knowledge to our client’s goals. Unlike most firms, we aren’t afraid to get our hands dirty. Having built our own businesses from the ground up, we have the management experience and business knowledge to help clients realize their fullest potential for success.

2340 Business Strategies was founded by CJ Melone and Ryan Bartlette, based on a shared passion for business building that incorporates the most cutting edge technologies. CJ has successfully founded multiple companies over the course of his career, which gave him the depth of experience and keen understanding that allow him to be of unique value in the consulting world. Ryan’s incredible aptitude for marketing and branding positions him as the ideal leader to position clients’ businesses for success both on and offline. Together, they have formed one of the most cutting edge firms in existence in this competitive market today.

2340 Business Strategies is a full service firm, designed to take your business where you want it to go and beyond. Let’s build something beautiful together.



CJ Melone
Founder - CEO

CJ Melone has a successful background as an entrepreneur in multiple industries. He has been involved with start-up ventures in manufacturing, finance, restaurant and Internet technology based companies. With little or no start-up capital, he has grown companies to an excess of 50 million per year in sales. He is currently recognized as a top-level consultant for turn-around and start-up technology based companies while operating several thriving businesses of his own.

As the CEO and founder of a large mortgage bank, CJ grew the business to a valuation of over 20 million in under 2 years’ time. Additionally, he helped develop what is now a leading CRM software application, valued at over 75 million. Following these successes, he went on to found a financial conglomerate with over 400 employees and 9 individual licenses, adapting to significant changes and overhauls to the financial industry during 2007. That firm was valued at over 50 million dollars.

As partner of a top-level technology firm, CJ brought business development attributes and joint venture strategies to the table. Specializing in 5-10 million dollar companies with 10-20% capital remaining, CJ served as the interim CEO or COO of the firm during the restructuring phase. In 4 years’ time, he worked with 4 turnarounds and multiple start-ups. All 4 turnarounds had a positive result via acquisition or steady growth, and the majority of the startups exceeded their goals.

Currently, CJ serves not only as an adviser, but as a high level manager for many of his clients. CJ Melone has also successfully invested in or owned outright various companies within the challenging realms of culinary, libation and entertainment with an impressive degree of success. His deep passion for business and understanding of capital makes CJ an asset to clients in any industry.

CJ graduated from San Diego State University in 1997 with a BA in Communications. He has won multiple awards in banking, Internet marketing and technology.


Ryan Bartlette
Founder - CMO

Founder and CEO of BlackCat Creative, Ryan has taken his marketing and design expertise to 2340 Business Strategies as Founder and CMO. Ryan has positioned and branded companies while bringing them to market. Ryan also is a sought out graphic artist, front-end developer, photographer, and visual artist with experience in the entertainment and technology industry. Ryan has a diverse background in marketing ranging from the entertainment industry to retail. His expertise and understanding of business helps make great ideas successful.

Ryan is an expert in graphic design and front-end development, and has a wide skill set including the use of Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Visual Studio, Final Cut Pro, AutoCAD, and Microsoft Office. He also has vast experience with HTML5 & CSS3, UIX design, photography, photo retouching, and audio/visual editing.

Ryan graduated from California State University Northridge with a BA in Liberal Studies, emphasizing in Business and Finance. He has received multiple scholarships for art and architecture and was recognized by the Dean’s Honor List for his outstanding efforts.

Meet Our Team


Kim Lane
VP of Business Strategies and Development

Kim Lane is a seasoned Sales and Business Strategy professional with over 20 years’ experience in multiple industries. Kim's experience includes many Fortune 500 companies, with an expertise in Automotive and Entertainment. Prior to 2340llc, Kim spent a decade at Ford Motor Company, where she held several leadership positions in both Sales and Customer Service. She has participated in a variety of sales training workshops and seminars which has allowed for a broad resource base on which to build her career. She won several inter-company awards during her time at Ford.

During her 7 years at Edmunds.com, she helped build the Sales team on the West Coast and took the lead in several Product Development projects. Kim took her territory from $0 to $9M in the first year in the role. She subsequently took all her clients to record partnerships due to her ability to customize the product to the Brand using a consultative approach.

Today Kim is in charge of new business development and strategic partnerships at 2340. She has a knack for bringing companies and plans together to make unbelievable things happen. Kim continues to build a strong contact network through various memberships and committees, and is currently a Committee member for thinkLA. She also enjoys donating time to animal rescue organizations as well as Habitat for Humanity and Save Our Beach.

Kim attended Michigan State University and graduated with a BS in Multidisciplinary Studies with dual majors in Economics and Political Science.

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