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Business Strategies

Business Plans
We build business plans that work for businesses of any size. A solid business plan is essential for success, and should be one of the first pieces of collateral created for both a business and its potential investors.

Compliance & Legal
Our legal partners work with you and your company directly to thoroughly investigate every compliance and legal aspect of your business. Due diligence is done up front to keep things complaint throughout the process.

Exit Strategies
Part of the process to exit, reframe or dismantle a business involves finding a partner or partners to buy in or to simply sell off the company in one or many pieces. We position your business to attract potential investors or purchasers for your company.

Management Services
We will sit on your Board of Directors, create Advisory Boards, and even hold positions in your company. Having built businesses from the ground up, our team knows how to position start-ups and turn-around business for optimal success.

Private Placement Memorandums (PPMs)
Our PPMs work for investors to provide transparency and understanding. A proper PPM can make all the difference in the success or failure of fund-raising efforts.

Pro Forma
Prior to launch, every business needs a Pro Forma. Our numbers are realistic and achievable. We allocate funds based on the company’s growth and stick to our guns through the entire launch process.

Use of Proceeds
We provide an extensive analysis of the Use of Proceeds for your business. Our extensive experience in multiple industries gives us a good idea of how much it will cost to operate and grow your existing business.

Marketing Strategies

Branding Strategies & Positioning
Your brand is everything! We'll brand your business to position your company successfully in the changing marketplace. A brand isn’t simply how you perceive your business, it’s how the world will see your business and how they will react to it. We have a keen understanding how to access those ideal clients via a cohesive and innovative approach to branding and marketing.

Client Development / Retention & Intake Strategies
Execution of sales is everything. If you don’t have the right sales team, training and technology to track your marketing spend, you simply won’t execute as you should. We have experience with top CRMs, we’ve built huge call centers, and created sales scripts and strategies that work.

Digital Marketing
We provide SEO, Google ranking, Ad Words and social media presence for better online exposure. Your online exposure gets new clients and creates a database of existing clients that can now stay informed and attuned to your offerings, services and growth.

Endorsements & Influencers
Using a celebrity endorsement or influencer can bring a lot exposure and credibility to new ideas and companies. We work with various agencies in the entertainment and sports industries to find the right person to launch a great concept.

Logo Design
Understanding your clientele is only half of the challenge. Your clients need to understand you. Your logo is the first and most lasting impression of your business. We analyze your client demographic against the market to ensure that your logo represents the best in your business and clearly conveys your message for optimal position within the marketplace.

Marketing Plans Strategies
We build marketing plans specific to your company's immediate and future needs. Understanding your audience takes dedicated research and proper execution. We ensure your marketing dollars have the RIO needed to take the next steps.

Media Strategies (TV and Radio)
Advertising on TV and Radio is too often an expensive proposition for any company. Making sure you are running he right ad is less than half the battle. At 2340, we make sure you have the right foundation in place to maximize your ROI on your advertising dollars. We position you in the appropriate spaces with the appropriate content to ensure greatest return on your dollars spent in this tricky space.

Technology Strategies

Responsive Web Design & Apps
Mobile applications are over half the online exposure for most businesses. We create stunning visual and user experiences across all content platforms such as tablets, smart phones and laptops to maximize who and where your scene online.

Software Development
We develop software with the most intuitive designs and applications out there. We build code to scale and last. .NET, C-, Druple, HTML, CSS and PHP are but a few languages we speak.

User Interface / User Experience (UIX)
Building large scale software applications is a big commitment. The quality of the code is equally as important as it is the architecture, design and UI (User Interface) If people can’t use it…they won’t. We design and lay out the most user-friendly software in the industry.

Web Development
We build custom websites from the ground up tailored for your business. Your online presence and messaging is one of the most important aspects of your client facing mediums.

Funding Strategies

Crowd Funding
Crowd funding is the latest craze…and IT WORKS. We can set up your crowd funding platform, help you market to the right audience and get investors.

EB-5 Program
We work with international EB-5 capital companies to assist in the EB-5 program for qualifying businesses. The EB-5 program is a great source of government regulated capital. Contact us to find out if your company qualifies for this unique opportunity.

Fund Raising
Seed Funding and Angel Investments. Need seed money to prove out a concept and turn an idea into a reality? So many great ideas fail because seed funds dry up. This critical step to getting the building blocks in place is vital for success. We help package and posture your to look irresistible to seed money investors and other funding resources.

Private Equity
We can connect you with investment bankers that will raise money for your company and register your offering. Having the proper amount of capital to operate increases the chance of success for any business exponentially.

Public Offering
When going public is the right move, we can help bring you there. Once your business is on its way, we will help connect you with the resources and infrastructure that you will need to take your company public.


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